It’s A Small World After All:  Lyle Mays and Spectrasonics

It’s A Small World After All: Lyle Mays and Spectrasonics

May 24, 2010 Off By The Jazz Messenger

Last week, my old high school music buddy Jon Shapiro sent me a video clip of Lyle Mays and Alex Acuna playing together live in the studio using new synth technology from a Los Angeles based company called Spectrasonics. This session was not news to me because Lyle had told me about it when I interviewed him for a podcast series a while back. The shocker was that the president of that company was my old bandmate and friend Eric Persing, who I haven’t heard from since we graduated. We were in traditional band class and the jazz band together (along w/ Jon, bassist Larry Grenadier and trumpeter Phil Grenadier). Eric was a solid musician and always was interested in all things music so it’s no wonder he’s been an innovative sound designer since the mid 1980’s first working with Roland and then establishing his own company (his link is below). It is a small world but the bigger point here is to just watch Lyle and Alex improvise in this innovative environment.

Lyle Mays – Duo #1 from Spectrasonics on Vimeo.

Lyle Mays (feat. Alex Acuna)