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May 10, 2010

Pat Metheny: Orchestrion

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to see what Pat Metheny has been up to with his new project Orchestrion, you must check out the video below. It is quite an amazing feat on many levels. Dating back to around 1994, I have had the privilege of working with Pat on all kinds of online projects, his web site, podcast series and more. Over a year ago, Pat demonstrated some of the Orchestrion project to me after a podcast session. This was before the music was finished and parts of the Orchestrion were still being built. And even at that stage, it was truly an amazing thing to witness up close. Inspiring actually. Innovative and limit pushing artists like Pat are what jazz is all about. They enrich our experience through their own process of discovery, virtuosic talent and of course, their music. So if you want a little inspiration today, check out Pat Metheny’s Orchestrion.
– Joseph Vella


Pat Metheny

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