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February 22, 2011

The Master of 3/4

I was watching the Philip Seymour Hoffman film Boating with Jack last night. In one poignant scene between the main characters an excerpt from the classic Bill Evans track “Peace Piece” was used as backing music to accentuate the drama and it worked perfectly. It reminded me of the brilliance of Bill Evans and how I often crave hearing him play. I think he is the greatest jazz pianist to play in the 3/4 time signature and one of my all-time favorite tracks is a Claus Ogerman composition he recorded with bassist Eddie Gomez called “A Face Without A Name.” It’s featured on the 1975 album Intuition. Listen how Bill states the melody and then dances around the piano throughout his improvisation and interaction with Eddie. It always sounds fresh and inspiring and leaves me wanting more. – JV

Bill Evans/Eddie Gomez – Intuition

Photo credit: Shigeru Uchiyama

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