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The Traneumentary: McCoy Tyner Greeting

The Traneumentary’s journey started summer 2006 with a visit with McCoy Tyner after a performance at New York’s famed Blue Note jazz club. After McCoy’s first set, I met him in his dressing room and presented an overview of this series and asked if he would be interested in participating. Read moreRead more


The Traneumentary: The story behind… (rewind)

In the summer of 2006, I was contacted by Concord Records to create a podcast episode on a John Coltrane box set entitled “Fearless Leader.” After reviewing the material, it dawned on me that it would be nearly impossible, and somewhat a disservice, to create a single podcast episode on such an intense and profound artist. Having spent countless hours listening to Coltrane myself, I knew first hand his essence transcended the very music he left us and penetrated deeper areas within those who embraced it. Read moreRead more