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October 14, 2010

The Bad Plus + (iPods x 3) = Random Awesomeness

Ethan Iverson of the The Bad Plus (TBP) writes a great post on the band’s blog Do The Math.  We just had to share it with you …

Ethan writes:

TBP was asked for a top 10 jazz album list.  We hated the idea, so we sent in:

Top 10 wild animals

sea turtle
komodo dragon

Pretty great list, right?  But it was rejected.  So then we sent in:

10 Completely Random (shuffled)  Songs from Three iPods

Apex Twin “Taking Control” from DRUKQS (disc 2)
The National “The Geese of Beverly Road” from ALLIGATOR
Thelonious Monk “Body and Soul” from AFTER HOURS AT MINTON’S
Elliot Smith “Memory Lane” from FROM A BASEMENT ON THE HILL
The Clash “Rock the Casbah” from COMBAT ROCK
Fletcher Henderson “Hot and Bothered” from THE ESSENTIAL FLETCHER HENDERSON
John Coltrane “Alabama” from LIVE AT BIRDLAND
Radiohead “House of Cards” from IN RAINBOWS
James P. Johnson “Blueberry Rhyme” from THE COMPLETE JAMES P. JOHNSON
Miles Davis “Riot” from NEFERTITI

But that list wasn’t accepted either.

Courtesy of TBP

Now you go Do The Math

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