NYU Jazz Interview Series:  Steve Kuhn

NYU Jazz Interview Series: Steve Kuhn

January 21, 2010 Off By The Jazz Messenger

As I was waiting for Steve to escort him to the green room, I was preparing for his deadpan humor that I’ve experienced in the past. About 10 years ago, I invited Steve to perform a master class at NYU. During my introduction I had announced that he was born in 1938, without missing a step, Steve corrected me by stating, “I was actually born in 1838.” Steve extruded total self-confidence along with a calm demeanor at B&N. This is not surprising since it is likely that he has had his feathers ruffled on countless formative gigs with the likes of Serge Chaloff, Coleman Hawkins, and John Coltrane, to name a few. Calm, seasoned and with a sense of humor, Steve was a great guest.

– Dave Schroeder, NYU Jazz Interview Series Host

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Produced by NYU Jazz Studies Dept. and Jazz Online and in association with Barnes & Noble, The NYU Steinhardt Jazz Series features interviews with the jazz greats. The series is hosted by Dave Schroeder, Director of Jazz Studies at NYU Steinhardt.


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