NYU Jazz Interview Series: Benny Golson

NYU Jazz Interview Series: Benny Golson

July 26, 2010 Off By The Jazz Messenger

Talk about jazz royalty! Every time I meet Mr. Golson, his level of sophistication and calm repose continues to awe me. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Benny always appears to be invincible. Never in my wildest dreams had I consider meeting, or even befriend such musicians as I have through opportunities in NYC like hosting the B&H Jazz Series. I remember growing up in Iowa, studying music in college and trying memorizing every detail on LP jackets and playing records from side to side in an attempt to experience life as someone like Benny Golson has. Knowing that Benny had been interviewed thousands of times over his career, I tried to deliver questions that may not be easily answered or allow him to reach a little deeper to construct an answer. The one question that I wish I had asked was, “As a composer, did you ever find that you were so busy writing or arranging music that you didn’t have time to practice for the session, realizing you couldn’t actually play the music you wrote?”

– Dave Schroeder, NYU Jazz Interview Series Host

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Benny Golson

Produced by NYU Jazz Studies Dept. and Jazz Online and in association with Barnes & Noble, The NYU Steinhardt Jazz Series features interviews with the jazz greats. The series is hosted by Dave Schroeder, Director of Jazz Studies at NYU Steinhardt.


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