NYU Jazz Interview Series:  Christian McBride

NYU Jazz Interview Series: Christian McBride

September 11, 2010 Off By The Jazz Messenger

During the entire interview with Christian, he was holding an unlit cigar between his fingers. Come to think of it, as I ushered him through B&N, a security guard spotted the same cigar, and before he said a word, Christian responded, don’t worry, it’s not lit. Well, I’m not sure I’ll every get the cigar story answered, but at the time I was more fascinated by Christian’s musical accomplishments to date. Like Jack DeJohnette, another amazing laundry list of accomplishments, but Christian compiled his list in half the time. I asked Christian, “How was he able to perform and record with so many great artists,” stating, “I can’t say, except I wish my bank account reflected my resume.” With wonderful stories and a warm sense of humor, this interview was simply great fun. Check him out! – Dave Schroeder

Kind of Brown
Live At Tonic
Number Two Express

Christian McBride

Produced by NYU Jazz Studies Dept. and Jazz Online and in association with Barnes & Noble, The NYU Steinhardt Jazz Series features interviews with the jazz greats. The series is hosted by Dave Schroeder, Director of Jazz Studies at NYU Steinhardt.


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