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September 11, 2010

NYU Jazz Interview Series: Christian McBride

During the entire interview with Christian, he was holding an unlit cigar between his fingers. Come to think of it, as I ushered him through B&N, a security guard spotted the same cigar, and before he said a word, Christian responded, don’t worry, it’s not lit. Well, I’m not sure I’ll every get the cigar story answered, but at the time I was more fascinated by Christian’s musical accomplishments to date. Like Jack DeJohnette, another amazing laundry list of accomplishments, but Christian compiled his list in half the time. I asked Christian, “How was he able to perform and record with so many great artists,” stating, “I can’t say, except I wish my bank account reflected my resume.” With wonderful stories and a warm sense of humor, this interview was simply great fun. Check him out! – Dave Schroeder

Kind of Brown
Live At Tonic
Number Two Express

Christian McBride

Produced by NYU Jazz Studies Dept. and Jazz Online and in association with Barnes & Noble, The NYU Steinhardt Jazz Series features interviews with the jazz greats. The series is hosted by Dave Schroeder, Director of Jazz Studies at NYU Steinhardt.


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