NYU Jazz Interview Series:  Gil Goldstein

NYU Jazz Interview Series: Gil Goldstein

October 5, 2010 Off By The Jazz Messenger

Bruce Gilbert Goldstein has been teaching for me for several years now and is the perfect compliment to the NYU Steinhardt faculty. I first met Gil at a Joe Lovano performance where Gil was playing accordion in the band. I had just produced a DVD for Lovano and was selling copies outside the venue. As Gil casually perused the DVD’s we struck up a conversation. One thing led to another with Gil finally asking, “Hey, do you think I could teach at NYU?” And the rest is history. Well, there was a little more to the story, but that gives you an idea of Gil’s powers of persuasion. With his casual yet frenetic personality, Gil has weathered many musical storms that only session arrangers can understand. Mixing stressful deadlines with humor is, in my book, the only way to fly. Notice his reaction to the first question I asked him. “So Gil, what was the inspiration that brought you to write your book The Bridges of Madison County?” Need I say more?

– Dave Schroeder, NYU Jazz Interview Series Host

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