NYU Jazz Interview Series: Jack DeJohnette

NYU Jazz Interview Series: Jack DeJohnette

August 12, 2010 Off By The Jazz Messenger

All I can say about having the opportunity to interview Mr. DeJohnette is “WOW, what a tremendous honor.” Truly one of my favorite musicians on the planet, and “I” get to interview him. As I began listing the musicians that he has worked with, Coltrane, Rollins, Evans, Jarrett, Miles, Monk, Freddie, Herbie, and on and on, I thought to myself, how can this be true? Playing with just one of these artists would offer enough clout to award anyone a jazz badge of honor, but Jack has worked with literally every major jazz artist and more. Throughout the interview, it was quite obvious that he holds no pretense and pursues his craft with total passion and persistence. During the interview he recounted the first time he moved to New York City in the 60’s, “I threw my caseless drum set under a Greyhound Bus, arriving in the City looking for the nearest session.” I loved this interview!

– Dave Schroeder, NYU Jazz Interview Series Host

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Jack DeJohnette

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