NYU Jazz Interview Series:  John Abercrombie

NYU Jazz Interview Series: John Abercrombie

April 20, 2010 Off By The Jazz Messenger

Like many of the artists interviewed at B&N, John was filled with amazing stories, a lifetime of experiences that seem inconceivable today. For me, his somewhat “matter of fact” demeanor and inquisitiveness shines through in his musical voice. It’s difficult to imagine today that when John arrived on the NYC music scene in the 1960’s there were only a handful guitarists available for almost unlimited work in the recording studios, were as today, there are hundreds of guitarists scrambling for scraps. It would be easy to say that John entered the music scene and began innovating when there was much innovation to be had. Let’s not forget that talent and persistence is also a key factor here.

– Dave Schroeder, NYU Jazz Interview Series Host

While We’re Young
The Third Quartet

John Abercrombie

Produced by NYU Jazz Studies Dept. and Jazz Online and in association with Barnes & Noble, The NYU Steinhardt Jazz Series features interviews with the jazz greats. The series is hosted by Dave Schroeder, Director of Jazz Studies at NYU Steinhardt.


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