NYU Jazz Interview Series:  Lenny Pickett

NYU Jazz Interview Series: Lenny Pickett

August 19, 2010 Off By The Jazz Messenger

I have never met anyone like or vaguely resembling this guy. He is a whole other ball of wax, or should I say ball of energy? Working with him on my faculty as well as within my group Combo Nuvo, Lenny approaches everything through a skewed angle. From his unique approach to playing the saxophone as well as five hundred other instruments, he also possesses humbleness with regard to his craft until he puts his lips to his horn and quickly takes no prisoners on the bandstand.

Lenny, a graduate of the school of “been there, done that,” is the perfect non-academic academic. With a balance of compassion as a teacher combined with a hard-edged, no-nonsense bandleader persona at Saturday Night Live, Lenny wears many hats quite confidently. He truly represents the “other” camp of music education with his early life’s ambition to become a rock and roll sax player; Lenny did it, and did it big time through persistence, hard work, and by never ever saying no to opportunities. I can’t understand why Quentin Tarantino has not written a screen play based on Lenny’s life. I can see the title now…”Grindhouse Saxophonist.”

– Dave Schroeder, NYU Jazz Interview Series Host

Lenny Pickett – And The Borneo Horns
Various – Saturday Night Live – 25 Years of Music
Tower of Power – Tower of Power

Saturday Night Live Band

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