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March 2, 2018

A new kind of (jazz) podcast conversation …


My good friend and colleague Randall Kennedy and I are tired of watching (and hearing) jazz slowly fade away.

We ask why is this happening?   What’s happening in the music and what’s going on in the media when it comes to covering jazz?   Why do the same handful of names dominate nearly every blog post, critic’s list or major media article when it comes to the music? Why is jazz radio such a snoozer?  The questions goes on and on …


Something is terribly wrong in jazz now and we’re interested in exploring these issues but more importantly, we are seeking working solutions and a “cure” for what’s ailing jazz .

Join us weekly on the Cure for Jazz podcast as we celebrate the music, share our experiences of being inside the industry and discuss, gripe and present our thoughts and ideas for a better “jazz” future.

Listen via our website/podcast:

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