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NYU Jazz Interview Series: Julian Lage

My first impression of Julian at the interview was that he was proactive in introducing himself to me. With a winning smile and firm handshake, someone has clued Julian in on the all so important rules of engagement. And, thank goodness for that, since there is so much competition in the music world, every musician needs to make friends and allies on and off the bandstand. Read moreRead more


NYU Jazz Interview Series: John Abercrombie

Like many of the artists interviewed at B&N, John was filled with amazing stories, a lifetime of experiences that seem inconceivable today. For me, his somewhat “matter of fact” demeanor and inquisitiveness shines through in his musical voice. Read moreRead more


NYU Jazz Interview Series: Steve Kuhn

As I was waiting for Steve to escort him to the green room, I was preparing for his deadpan humor that I’ve experienced in the past. About 10 years ago, I invited Steve to perform a master class at NYU. During my introduction I had announced that he was born in 1938, without missing a step, Steve corrected me by stating, “I was actually born in 1838.” Read moreRead more