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Posts tagged ‘Thelonious Monk’


The Traneumentary: Michael Cuscuna (bonus)

When I interviewed each of the subjects for the Traneumentary podcast series, I prepared to conduct two kinds of interviews. The first interview was more traditional where the subjects shared their personal recollection on how Coltrane impacted their life. The second interview was less structured and was designed to be more in the moment and ripe for improvisation. That’s how many of the ‘track commentary’ episodes came to be and for me, they are the essence and the heart beat of the whole Traneumentary series. Read moreRead more


Amy Winehouse Covers “Round Midnight”

In case you missed this rare track, a few years ago the late singer Amy Winehouse recorded a funky interpretation of the Thelonious Monk classic “Round Midnight” on the b-side of her single “Take The Box.” Read moreRead more


The Traneumentary: Jason Moran (commentary)

Pianist Jason Moran is one of the most exciting musicians in jazz today. Over the years, he has successfully balanced the great jazz tradition with contemporary musical influences creating his own mark and signature on a certain brand of jazz. Read moreRead more