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May 31, 2011

The Traneumentary: Anton Fig

When I first went to see McCoy Tyner at the Blue Note in the summer of 2006, I ran into Paul Schaffer and Anton Fig who were also attending the show. Both Anton and Paul respectfully greeted McCoy backstage and talked with him right before I met and recorded the McCoy “special greeting” Traneumentary episode. A month later I met with Anton to record two Traneumentary pieces. Since Anton is a great drummer, I thought his perspective on Elvin Jones would be fitting and of course, vital the Traneumentary collection of episodes. Little did I know but Anton had the fortune of hanging out with Elvin and also seeing him shortly before his death. On this episode, Anton describes his introduction into the music of John Coltrane and also discusses the brilliant drumming of the master Elvin Jones.

Excerpts featured in this episode: “Kulu Se Mama,” “The Drum Thing” and “Resolution,” The Traneumentary is hosted by Dr. Billy Taylor.

Anton Fig

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