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April 13, 2011


The Traneumentary: Ashley Kahn

Writer Ashley Kahn is one of the most profound authorities when it comes to John Coltrane. He has written three well researched and enjoyable books that feature John Coltrane among others: The House That Trane Built: The Story of Impulse! Records, Kind of Blue-The Making of the Miles Davis Masterpiece and A Love Supreme-The Story of John Coltrane’s Signature Album. On the first of two Traneumentary episodes, Ashley puts Coltrane’s musical force and legacy into perspective. He presents a brief portrait of the artist and sets the tone for his second episode where he breaks down the famous Coltrane album A Love Supreme.

Excerpts featured in this episode: “Dear Lord” and “Wise One.”

Ashley Kahn

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  1. Apr 13 2011

    Outstanding commentary.

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