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September 23, 2011

The Traneumentary: Dr. Billy Taylor (bonus)

It was a sincere privilege and honor to have Dr. Billy Taylor as the host & voice of the Traneumentary. When I originally contacted him to ask if he would be interested in participating, he had no idea what a podcast was but he was intrigued by the idea that this new broadcast medium could expand the audience of John Coltrane’s music. He generously agreed and provided a wealth of insight as well as encouragement to me and the production. He was a selfless and giving individual whose love of jazz spilled out of him.

Initially, Billy’s role was to be the MC for each episode but once he started telling me some of his own Coltrane stories, it was clear that he should be included in the series as well. We recorded a standard episode along with this insightful commentary featuring one of Billy’s all time favorite recorded performances of Coltrane and it is simply beautiful. – JV

Listen to The Traneumentary

John Coltrane and Duke Ellington

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