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September 7, 2011

The Traneumentary: Lewis Porter

Musician and jazz educator Lewis Porter is one of the real authorities when it comes to John Coltrane. Having written the definitive bio on the famous saxophonist (John Coltrane-His Life and Music), Lewis’ vast knowledge balances both the music and human sides of Trane in great detail. On this Traneumentary episode, Lewis highlights the early part of Trane’s recording career on Prestige and later on in the series, he comments on the track “Psalm” which is guaranteed to have people talking. Throughout the production of the Traneumentary, Lewis has served as an invaluable resource in the development of this series.

Listen to The Traneumentary

Excerpts on this episode include: “Lush Life,” “Little Melonae,” “While My Lady Sleeps,” “Bahia” and
“Good Bait.”

Lewis Porter

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