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Q&A: Larry Grenadier

For the past three decades Larry Grenadier has earned a stellar reputation as being one of the top jazz bassists in the world. From his early days playing with Stan Getz and Joe Henderson to tenures playing with Paul Motion and Pat Metheny (among others), Grenadier is an in-demand musician who is highly collaborative, intuitive,…

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Q&A: Eliot Zigmund

I feel fortunate to be old enough to have grown up in a time where listening to the radio and buying albums was one of the activities you looked forward to. Each week my friends and I ventured into San Francisco and hit the Tower Records store on Columbus and Bay Street with hopes of…

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#WednesdayWisdom: Bob Berg

Saxophonists Bob Berg and David Sanborn erupt into a high energy jam on this classic track from 1987 featuring Peter Erskine, Don Grolnick, Mike Stern, Will Lee, and Robby Kilgore. Originally featured on the Denon recording Short Stories. #putalittlejazzinyourlife

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