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November 28, 2011

Celebrating Woody Shaw on Columbia

Woody Shaw’s albums on Columbia Records stand as some of the finest for the late trumpeter and composer. Woody recorded for Columbia from 1977-1981 and it was during this time that he become recognized for his unique voice as a band leader, composer and as a stylist on trumpet, coronet and flugelhorn which in turn solidified his spot in the legacy of brilliant jazz trumpeters.

For the first time ever, all of Woody’s recorded output on Columbia Records (released and unreleased) is finally available in one Legacy Recordings box set titled Woody Shaw-The Complete Columbia Albums Collection. Producer Michael Cuscuna and Woody’s son, Woody III, researched the Columbia vault to compile and produce this beautiful collection of music.

We recently met with Woody III and asked him to share his recollections and insights on his father’s art and the music featured on this collection. Listen to Woody’s podcast interview below:

Listen to Woody Shaw

Enjoy a sample of some of the tracks featured on

The Woody Shaw Official Site

Photo courtesy of Woody Shaw III

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