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November 15, 2011

Jazz Backstage: Chick Corea

Is there anything musically that Chick Corea can’t do? I don’t think so. Chick, who is a youthful 70 if you can believe it, could not be more busy, in demand and relevant to the jazz scene today. It is truly remarkable when you think of how many aspects of the music’s rich legacy Chick has been an active participate as well as a trailblazer and today, he still continues to push the limits of himself and the music.

Some of my favorite music from Chick comes from his work with Return To Forever. Ever since I heard the ECM album Return To Forever from 1972, I have been hooked and a big fan. On this Jazz Online Backstage podcast episode, listen to Chick discuss composing and recording some of the legendary compositions featuring Return To Forever. – JV

Listen to Return To Forever


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