Mike Metheny:  A Tapestry of Sonic Delight

Mike Metheny: A Tapestry of Sonic Delight

May 5, 2010 Off By The Jazz Messenger

There are a few aspects of Mike Metheny’s artistry that I have always enjoyed hearing. The first is the beautiful sound he gets out of his horns – especially the flugelhorn. The second is his ability to play and improvise on the EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument) – he is one of only a few artists in the world who can really make that instrument sing and work perfectly within the context of improvised music. And third, is his ability to create a bold musical narrative with each of his recordings. He is not your average horn player who just stays in one zone and showcases his chops for the sake of pleasing the crowd. Mike always presents a well thought out musical storyline and arc that he wraps his horns around so each album has a specific theme, flow and personal meaning. A month ago I received Mike’s latest CD called 60.1 and it knocked me out. It is his boldest statement to date and thus piqued my curiosity to ask him about how this recording came to be. In this exclusive Jazz Online podcast, Mike shares the backstory on this eclectic and impressive new work and sheds some light on his own artistry. – Joseph Vella


Mike Metheny’s selected discography:
Close Enough For Love
Back To Basics

Mike Metheny

Photo credit: Sue Vicory