Presenting Jazz Backstage

Presenting Jazz Backstage

February 18, 2011 Off By The Jazz Messenger

As an aspiring young jazz musician, I spent most of my waking hours either practicing my instrument or listening intensely to albums and jazz radio.  It was my passion as well my music education and the single most cherished memory of my teenage years.  Often when I listened to the music, I would try and imagine the story behind the album. What was it like in the recording studio?  How did the artist approach the music or what was it like to collaborate with the other musicians on the date?  I have continued to listen to the music with this intense curiosity and along my travels as a podcast and video producer, I have had the good fortune of hanging out with many of my jazz heroes and I have finally gotten the chance to ask these kinds of questions.  I have assembled these recorded bytes into an ongoing Jazz Backstage podcast series featuring a host of notable artists discussing the special moments that have led to the magic of the music. – JV

For our Jazz Backstage debut, we feature legendary drummer Roy Haynes who shares the beauty of his notable brush work on the Oliver Nelson classic track “Stolen Moments.” Do you have a favorite jazz moment? Share it with us.


Oliver Nelson-The Blues and the Abstract Truth