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September 26, 2011

Sonic Payton

Shooting Nicholas Payton’s Sonic Trance band @ Yoshi’s in Oakland back in the day was truly a blast and a highlight of the many video shoots that we produced from the mid 1990’s into the mid 2000’s. On this evening, we had three cameras and a 32 track audio truck parked right outside to capture Nick and the guys performing. As with most of our video shoots at Yoshi’s, we were limited in where we could set up cameras or roam so we did our best at following the action as it happened. On this tune in particular, I was using a small hand held camera and kneeling right near drummer Adonis Rose and percussionist Daniel Sadownick. This tune titled “I’m Trying to Swing As Little As Possible” was captured midway through the first set and got a hold of the crowd in a huge way. I could feel the entire energy in the club shift with the music, especially as Nick launched into this solo. It was one of rare those moments that can only happen in jazz. – JV

The band: Nicholas Payton (trumpet), Tim Warfield (sax), Scott Kinsey (keys), Vincente Archer (bass), Adonis Rose (drums), Daniel Sadownick (percussion).

Nicholas Payton – Sonic Trance

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