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Antonio Sanchez Makes it Look Easy

One of the uniquely satisfying aspects of loving jazz is recognizing the virtuosic musicians that create it. Their ability to be identified by striking or playing only one note on their instrument is something to truly admire. This is the case with drummer Antonio Sanchez. We met Antonio in the late 1990’s on his first…

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Interview: Jakob Bro

“Trying to put your finger on Jakob Bro’s guitar style can be like trying to describe the essence of air.” – Steve Futterman, The New Yorker Jakob Bro is one of the handful of artists we have been thoroughly enjoying over the last several years.  His work with Paul Motion’s Electric Bebop Band is impressive. …

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Sonic Payton

Shooting Nicholas Payton’s Sonic Trance band @ Yoshi’s in Oakland back in the day was truly a blast and a highlight of the many video shoots that we produced from the mid 1990’s into the mid 2000’s. On this evening, we had three cameras and a 32 track audio truck parked right outside to capture…

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