Interview:  Jakob Bro

Interview: Jakob Bro

October 25, 2018 Off By Jazz Online

“Trying to put your finger on Jakob Bro’s guitar style can be like trying to describe the essence of air.”
Steve Futterman, The New Yorker

Jakob Bro is one of the handful of artists we have been thoroughly enjoying over the last several years.  His work with Paul Motion’s Electric Bebop Band is impressive.  His tenure working with Tomasz Stanko is superb and captured on the recording “Dark Eyes”.  His album “Returnings” featuring Palle Mikkelborg and Jon Christensen is simply heavenly but it’s in his trio, with bassist Thomas Morgan and dynamic drummer Joey Baron, where Jakob’s gifts (and touch) really shine.   We talked with Jakob while on tour promoting his latest trio recording “Bay of Rainbows” (ECM).  Watch the interview below.


Jakob Bro (guitar) from Jazz Online on Vimeo.

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