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May 18, 2011


Brilliant Sketches: Marcus Miller

The brilliant Miles Davis recording Sketches of Spain turned 50 in 2009 and on behalf of Legacy Recordings, who reissued a special collector’s edition CD that same year, I produced a podcast series celebrating this masterpiece. For this series it was important to find artists who could speak with authority, not only about the impact of Miles’ playing at that time but also about Gil Evans, the recording itself and the album’s huge influence on the music. Our cast of experts include trumpeter Nicholas Payton, trumpeter and music legend Herb Alpert and bassist and Miles collaborator Marcus Miller. Due to changes within Legacy at the time these were pieces completed, they got lost in the shuffle and were never released. Finally, with the help of a few colleagues over there, we proudly present these amazing sketches of Sketches to you. – JV

Sketches of Spain
Marcus Miller
Legacy Recordings

  1. Jp west
    May 22 2011


  2. Mass
    May 22 2011

    I come from Senegal (West Africa).i was born on 1959
    That’s one of my all time favorite album .I remember the first time I listen to Sketches of Spain way back in 1977 with my late cousin MODY DIOKHANE.It went straight to my heart and I was fortunate to meet Miles Davis six times,The first time i met with Miles I told him i was from Africa and people love his music in Africa and he said sh…t I told him he must go to Africa he said I am too f..cking old . I swear I saw tears in his eyes
    R. I. P . Both You and Mody

  3. May 22 2011

    excellent music!!
    One of the best in my LP collection and want to buy Legacy edition!!!

  4. Rick Mclemore
    May 22 2011

    Very informative….

  5. Kevin L Billingslea Sr
    May 22 2011

    When I close my eyes and listen, and the subtle notes start to get into my head and I begin to experience a full action story something like the Saint I can picture the action and all of the characters through the different notes! Marcus your voice sounds like you are still eighteen years old! Forever Young!

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