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March 14, 2011


Celebrating Time Out: Bill Bruford on Joe Morello

In 2009, Dave Brubeck’s musical masterpiece Time Out turned 50 and on behalf of Legacy Recordings, I produced a podcast series celebrating this timeless work. Along with interviewing Dave Brubeck himself about the album, I also interviewed three additional musicians saxophonist David Sanborn, bassist Mike Richmond and drummer Bill Bruford to discuss the influential work of Time Out band members, Paul Desmond, Eugene Wright and Joe Morello. For reasons beyond my scope, this series was never released. Upon hearing the news of Joe Morello’s passing over the weekend, we are finally releasing the Time Out podcast series, beginning with Bill Bruford’s personal take on the brilliant drumming of the late Joe Morello. – JV

Dave Brubeck – Time Out
Bill Bruford
Legacy Recordings

  1. W. Rendle
    Mar 28 2011

    Bruford’s next book should be “A rock fan’s guide to jazz.”

    He really makes jazz accessible for those of us who grew up listening to rock.

  2. Bill Fleming
    May 22 2011

    THANK YOU for re-posting this! Please consider leaving it up for awhile–a great tribute from one unbelievable drummer to another. Two of my favorite drummers of all time.

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