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July 11, 2011


Eliane Elias Still Lighting Fires

Eliane Elias has been recording one great album after another going back to 1986. I remember first hearing about her when she was a member of Steps Ahead and was featured on their self titled classic from 1983. But it wasn’t until her first solo recording titled Illusions where I really took notice of her artistry and became an instant fan.

In fact, I remember my late friend, KJAZ DJ Jerry Dean just loved Eliane and her music and would always find a way to play one of her tunes on his show. And every time I ran into Jerry, we would talk about Eliane’s latest release and what we liked and who played on it and all of that jazz record geek kind of stuff. Eliane’s music served as a great bond between us.

Jerry’s passion for Eliane’s music was a force all its own and I am always reminded of it when I hear her music. I wish he was still around today to hear Eliane’s latest album because I know it would have blown him away. It just might be her finest album to date. So in the spirit of the late great Jerry Dean, I present this podcast episode in his honor featuring Eliane discussing her new recording Light My Fire. – JV

Eliane Elias – Light My Fire
Eliane Elias Official Website

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  1. jay lewis
    Jul 13 2011

    It’s grat about music that it always has a personel story,memory conected to it… Illusions I found in my dad’s (r.i.p) music collection a real music guy; the radio on top of the fridge was on 15-20 hrs a day..Eliane Elias…see her live!!!!!

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