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April 28, 2010


Herb Bushler: An Amazing Career in Music

Bassist Herb Bushler may not be a household name in jazz but you most likely have heard his impressive work whether it be with Gil Evans, David Sanborn, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Blossom Dearie, Joe Farrell and others. Herb is a jazz bassist who found his way into the studio system in New York starting in the 1970’s and lasting into the early 21st century. He has played on countless pop recordings, commercials and has had the luxury of working with some of the greatest jazz artists of all-time. We met up with Herb Bushler recently and recorded this podcast. The normally quiet musician generously shared his fascinating story in music.

Herb Bushler’s selected discography:
Ted Curson-Tears for Dolphy
Gil Evans-Plays The Music of Jimi Hendrix
David Sanborn-Sanborn
Tony Williams Lifetime-Spectrum The Analogy
Paul Winter-Icarus

  1. May 6 2010

    Very nice interview with Herb Bushler someone I have known since the early 1960’s and learned things I didn’t know about him.We basically grew up together in New York.

    Jimmy Owens

  2. May 7 2010

    thanks jimmy. i will send your best to herb. – Jv

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