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March 11, 2011


Jazz Backstage: Jack DeJohnette

Musicians and drummers, in particular, across all genres have been blown away by the work of Jack DeJohnette. Whether Jack is leading his own groups or playing behind a cast of world class artists, his drumming is always fresh, inspired and most of all, musical. One of Jack’s trademarks is his unique cymbal sound. On this Jazz Online Jazz Backstage podcast episode, listen as Jack talks about his famous cymbals and creating that signature sound. – JV

Jack DeJohnette

  1. Mar 14 2011

    I use Jacks flat ride in my jazz group. One of the finest cymbals I have ever used, I’ve gotten lots of positive comments from other players about that ride cymbal. It is dry with a beautiful crystal after tone.

  2. Tarik
    Mar 14 2011

    What are the key sound differences between a flat and bell cymbal…why go to a flat from a bell’d cymbal? I’m seeing some flat rides out there, but just seem so non-traditional.

  3. marco MT
    Mar 14 2011

    I own all the JDJ cymbals sets from Paiste to Istanbul and both the Sabian Signature and Encore ( 25 cymbals ! ) . Jack ‘s cymbals sound always been one of the most distinctive and musical in the jazz history , you can’t find nothing better for yourself to play , melting perfect with the band ! ! ! Thanks Mr. Dejohnette

  4. The Jazz Messenger
    Mar 22 2011

    Tarik –

    We asked Jack to answer your question about flat rides and bell rides. Here is Jack’s reply: “A flat ride cymbal gives a very distinct stick sound without the over tone build up you normally get from a bell ride. The choice to use a flat or bell cymbal depends on the musical situation they will be used in.”

    Hope this helps.

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