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October 20, 2011


Rudy Van Gelder Reminisces

For anyone who loves and knows recorded jazz the name Rudy Van Gelder is a familiar one. Rudy has produced and recorded some of the greatest jazz albums of all-time and will forever be recognized as a leader in engineering, producing, recording and documenting much of the music’s greatest moments.

A few years back, Rudy allowed Concord Records to interview him and broadcaster/journalist Bob Porter about a cluster of Van Gelder produced (and then newly remastered) Prestige label jazz classics. I had the good fortune of being hired to produce the podcast series for this occasion. Listening to Rudy talk about his process, these works and artists is not only fascinating but an intimate (and essential) account of the history of jazz. – JV

Episode 1: From the studio …

Listen to Rudy Van Gelder

Episode 2: Recording back in the day …

Listen to Rudy Van Gelder

Episode 3: Sonny Rollins

Listen to Rudy Van Gelder

Episode 4: Etta Jones

Listen to Rudy Van Gelder

Episode 5: Boogaloo Joe Jones (w/Bob Porter)

Listen to Rudy Van Gelder

Episode 6: Gene Ammons

Listen to Rudy Van Gelder

Episode 7: Miles Davis

Listen to Rudy Van Gelder

[ Special thanks to Nick Phillips, Dave Henson & Zak Weil at Concord Music Group who helped me dust these off and make available here. ]

Concord Music Group Rudy Van Gelder Recording Index

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  1. Bob Porter
    Oct 20 2011

    I wish we could have continued. We really just scratched the surface.
    There are well over 250 albums that would benefit from Rudy’s expertise in CD mastering.

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