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April 8, 2010


Miles Davis Podcast: Derek Trucks

Talented guitarist Derek Trucks is a huge MIles Davis fan. He’s not only well versed in Miles’ vast recorded history but he has also applied those influences into his own musical landscape. Recorded backstage in Waterbury, CT where Derek was performing with his band, the podcast below is part of the 20 part Miles Davis series.

Derek recommends these Miles Davis recordings:
Kind of Blue
Miles Ahead
Live at the Fillmore East
Jack Johnson

Derek Trucks
Miles Davis
Legacy Recordings

The Miles Davis Podcast Series features a cast of world class musicians sharing their passion for the music of Miles Davis. A collaborative project of Legacy Recordings, Concord Music Group, Verve Records & Rhino, the series is produced by Vella Interactive.

  1. Apr 20 2010

    This is a great podcast! I’m a huge Derek Trucks fan and love hearing his take on Miles.

  2. HonestJohn
    Apr 20 2010

    Here is a nice example of jazz influence from Derek

  3. Lynda Whitley
    Apr 20 2010


  4. gary
    Sep 5 2010

    Great series of podcasts ! , some of the features have been fascinating , ie Henry Rollins ! , he just spun my head around , with he’s knowledge !.
    How about doing some on other people or groups ie Weather report etc

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