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August 2, 2010


Miles Davis Podcast: Henry Rollins

One of the most exciting aspects of producing the Miles Davis podcast series is that his influence extended well beyond jazz and touched such a wide variety of creative people. Imagine my enthusiasm when we reached out to musician/author/radio host Henry Rollins to participate in this series and he immediately opted in. I interviewed Henry at his office in Los Angeles and he could not have been a bigger Miles fan…or a nicer guy. In fact, as you will hear, Miles had a surprisingly profound affect on him.

Audio version below:

Henry recommends these recordings:
Round About Midnight
58 Sessions
Miles Smiles
In A Silent Way
Bitches Brew
On The Corner

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Miles Davis
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The Miles Davis Podcast Series features a cast of world class musicians sharing their passion for the music of Miles Davis. A collaborative project of Legacy Recordings, Concord Music Group, Verve Records & Rhino, the series is produced by Vella Interactive.

  1. Kevin Karkiewicz
    Jul 22 2010

    Always good to here someone elses point of view that is not nessarily a jazz muscian.

  2. Ken Driver
    Jul 22 2010

    Thanx, guys.
    This was the TREAT for the day.
    Not only did I find out about a MILES DAVIS PODCAST, Miles is one of my heroes, but you featured another one of my heroes, Henry Rollins.
    You guys ROCK.
    Again, thanx.

  3. Aug 3 2010

    Great podcast guys. Henry Rollins is well-spoken and thoughtful as always, and it was good to hear him speak about another musical hero of mine.

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