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May 7, 2010


Miles Davis Podcast: Marcus Miller

Marcus Miller produced, composed, recorded and performed with Miles during the 1980‘s and 1990‘s resulting in some of Miles’ greatest modern day classics including Tutu, Amandla and the soundtrack to the film Siesta. On this episode, Marcus tells the fascinating story of how he came to know Miles and shares his impressions about his tenure with the man with the horn.

Marcus recommends these recordings:
The Man with the Horn

Miles Davis
Concord Music Group
Legacy Recordings
Verve Music Group

The Miles Davis Podcast Series features a cast of world class musicians sharing their passion for the music of Miles Davis. A collaborative project of Legacy Recordings, Concord Music Group, Verve Records & Rhino, the series is produced by Vella Interactive.

  1. Bibi Green
    May 7 2010

    Thanks so much, Joseph. This is well-worth listening to…great series…great interview.

  2. May 7 2010

    thank bibi. glad you like. – Jv

  3. Lawrence Cady
    May 7 2010

    Very nice. Enjoyed all that Marcus had to say. Things you didn’t know at the time.

  4. Dev
    May 7 2010

    Great Interview!!!
    Always enjoy listening to Marcus expound on the music, again it leaves you inspired…Thanks Bibi!

  5. Cornelius Stephen Sackey
    May 8 2010

    There could only be one Miles, what with my favorites, Sketches of Spain, Someday my prince will come, Miles ahead, Summertime, The Dude, Maids of Cadiz ; Oh Lord where do I stop , but listen to any of the above & u’ll go gaga & forget about Lady Gaga. Enjoy.
    But, Marcus keep up the good work & keep me posted.

  6. Marti Jane Robertson
    May 26 2011

    Wonderful behind-the-scenes interview! Thanks for this, thank you Marcus.

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