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July 28, 2010


Miles Davis Podcast: Maria Schneider

Composer and arranger Maria Schneider learned a lot of her craft directly from the master Gil Evans. Maria was deeply influenced by Gil’s work with Miles and on this podcast, she discusses the famous collaborations between Miles and her brilliant mentor Gil Evans.

Maria recommends these recordings:
Miles Ahead
Porgy and Bess
Sketches of Spain
Quiet Nights

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The Miles Davis Podcast Series features a cast of world class musicians sharing their passion for the music of Miles Davis. A collaborative project of Legacy Recordings, Concord Music Group, Verve Records & Rhino, the series is produced by Vella Interactive.

Photo credit: Jimmy and Dana Katz

  1. Jul 28 2010

    nice piece by maria schneider

  2. pat
    Jul 28 2010

    thank you. this is a very enjoyable analysis of miles’s and gil’s collaborations, which I’ve never really understood much and now feel that I do.

  3. Vickie Howell
    Aug 1 2010

    I love the hard bebop of the early 60’s to 70 with Miles. That quintet was steaming. Did not care about the nu jazz.
    I saw Miles a few times years ago where every tune he played was just magic. You would sat there and be so out of it under his spell of of unbelievable sound. What a sight to see and hear.

  4. Sep 14 2010

    great blog thank you

  5. maryse jean-baptiste
    May 15 2011

    I have some questions for Ms Maria Schneider about her compositions.How can I email her? I love her compositions and I am very exited about her vocal projects especially. Thanks! I am on the mailing list already but I want to email my questions to her. Thanks. Maryse

  6. The Jazz Messenger
    May 17 2011

    try emailing maria here:

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