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Pepper’s Magic

As we learned from the recent Jazz Online podcast featuring the band Oregon, Jim Pepper’s composition “Witchi-Tai-To” is a special piece of music that holds a certain mystical quality. Read moreRead more


My Midlife Jazz Crisis – The Monterey Stage

I just finished listening to Brubeck’s Time Out and was once again reminded what a truly brilliant album it is and considering it was originally released in 1959, it remarkably still sounds as fresh as ever. It was shortly after being exposed to this great work that I fell in love with the music. There was something about the sound, the depth and the variety that just spoke to me and I knew at that point that I wanted to do something in jazz. Read moreRead more


Send James Moody Your Love


By George Varga (Originally posted on SignOnSanDiego)

Jazz saxophone legend James Moody, a San Diego resident for the past 21 years, has disclosed that he has had pancreatic cancer since at least February — and that he had decided not to receive any chemo therapy or radiation treatment.

At his behest, Moody’s condition was previously only shared with family members and some of his most trusted confidantes in the music world. Moody, 85, and his wife, Linda, decided to inform their friends and his fans of his condition in an e-mail letter she sent out earlier this morning. Read moreRead more


NYU Jazz Interview Series: Oregon

I can’t believe it. Sitting next to me on stage at B&N are Ralph Towner, Paul McCandless, Glen Moore, and Mark Turner. OREGON! If I made a list of groups that totally inspired me to pursue a career in music, OREGON would definitely be on the short list, along with Weather Report, Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Return to Forever to name a few. Read moreRead more